Entries are NOW CLOSED

Sponsored by:

Smith Exporting, Future Champions Challenge, Snowcat T.R.A.S.H

Wednesday October 30th 2019 – 12pm

Events are:


Rules and Payout Information

  1. There will be a total of two (2) rounds with top 5 to a short go..
  2. Any number of horses can be used. Your choice
  3. Judges or event officials may inspect all horses and equipment prior to riding into the box for inhumane or unsafe equipment
  4. Only 1 loop is allowed in any of the roping events by the contestant. Team Roper Helpers can use two loops if needed.
  5. There will be a 40 second time added for a no time.
  6. Because of arena setup, Calf Roping is the first event. You let us know the order of events after that.
  7. You must start behind a barrier or eyes (In Heeling the helper must start from behind the barrier)
  8. You supply all helpers. (Ropers, Helpers, Horse handlers, Arena cleaner, etc.) Arena is yours. We will have stock and barriers ready.
  9. All riders are required to be in western attire during competition; jeans, western boots, cowboy hat, button up shirt with cuff and collar.
  10. Back numbers must be visible at all times of the competition.
  11. Judges can ask for the main clock to stop at any time if a malfunction occurs
  12. Each event is separately timed and also one clock that will start when the barrier pulls back in the Calf Roping and stops when you have completed your 4th event for average payout. (for example: If Heeling is your last event and you miss the main clock will stop when the flagger signals no time)
  13. $600 fees
  14. Fast times will be paid in each round
  15. Each contestant will give office a list of 5 names that will be your helpers. They will each get a gate pass

Payout Schedule:

Payout in the Men’s & Ladies Timed Event will be added to, from a portion of the Gate moneys that day


Number of Entries               


Minimum Average Payout                                   $500 Each Round

1st – $2,500                                                      1st. -$300

2nd. – $2,000                                                    2nd – $200

3rd. – $1,500                                                    x 4 events = $2,000 x 2 Rounds = $4,000

4th. – $1,000                                                    


We appreciate the interest in this event

We are looking forward to this type of competition.

We are sure there will situations that will arrive that will be handled by our officials

The Arena will be set up in the best way we know to allow everyone an equal chance of winning

Entry’s close October 7, 2019

Final list of entrants will be posted 1 week after entries close then all fees will be pd by E-Transfer. If not paid will go down the list

Entry’s will be sorted through and selected by a volunteer committee

Any questions or concerns, text or call 780-674-7455